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Training and Behavior Modification

Prices listed do not include processing fees or tax.

Behavior Consultation

A behavior consultation is the first step of the training process. In order to best help you, I need to know what's going on with your dog(s), and what you would like them to do instead. When I come to your home, I will meet you and your dog(s) and gather more history of the situation. We can talk about the issues, set up ways to manage the situation, and can then decide on training options. We will also begin some training to give you and your dog some relief from the issue. A consultation is mandatory prior to any training sessions, including sets and bundles.

90 minute consultations are $180. 

To set up an in-home or remote consultation, please click here. 

Travel fee will apply outside of service area.

Training and Behavior Modification

Dog aggression, fear and phobias, tricks, manners, puppy socialization, human aggression, food/toy guarding, and more. 

In-home training

  • Day Training 

    • Have a professional train your dog even if you're at work. I'll do the heavy lifting, then show you how to continue the training and maintain the behavior(s).

  • Coaching

    • Some behavior issues may require a bit more management and practice on your end, but don't despair! I'll give you the tools, support, and guidance you need to succeed. 


Remote training

Do you require training, but can't find a qualified, force-free trainer near you? I can help you remotely via Skype or Zoom. From basic training to stranger aggression, to tricks, distance is no obstacle. We can train your dog together. 

$180 for behavior consultations
$110 for post consult training sessions  

Canine Good Citizen Exam

CGC exams can be scheduled as a group or on your own. Exams are given in a public location and can be done without prior prep sessions, if you feel ready. Prep sessions can be scheduled prior to exam for normal session price. 

$25 per dog/handler team being tested

The Empowered Puppy Package- Let me help you with all things puppy, including house training, basic manners, loads of socialization outings. This is a twelve session package that will set you and your puppy up for success. 


Check out the puppy package and my other ready to go packages on the Bundles and Sets page.


Travel fee will apply outside of service area.

We offer behavior help for cats, too. 


Whether your cat is biting you, fighting with another cat in the house, eliminating outside their litter box, or causing chaos due to boredom and needing more to do, we can help provide behavior assistance and intervention for your fluffy feline. Schedule a Behavior Consultation today. 

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