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To set up an in-home (for people in and around Santa Fe) or remote (for out of towners) consultation to discuss the issues you're experiencing with your pet, or to begin a training package, please choose a date and time, and fill out the intake form below. Please understand this does not guarantee you that appointment time, as I will need to review your case and confirm directly with you first. You and your family may be better suited with a specialist, or I may request more information before we are able to meet for a consultation. 

Due to the global pandemic and the state of New Mexico's stay home order, A Matter of Manners is only offering virtual behavior consultations and very limited in-person options until further notice. Remote behavior consultations and remote training sessions are available, and most training can be done remotely. Please also visit the Homeschooled Hounds page for virtual group classes. 

August 18, 2020 Update

Currently at capacity for in-person appointments until end of Sept/beginning Oct. All new clients, or current virtual clients, will receive virtual services. In-person appointments are limited, offered at the discretion of the trainer, and guidelines must be adhered to. Click here for guidelines.

Until further notice, please choose one of the "Remote behavior consultation" options below.

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