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Fancy Felines

Virtual group classes

Virtual class requirements: Decent internet connection, a quiet room, computer, tablet, or cell phone with working camera and microphone, delicious cat treats, some high up training spots (cat trees or counters), and a cat or two!

Introductory Tricks 

For cats of any age or training level*

3 cat min, 8 cat max

In this 3 week class, we will bust the myth that cats can't be trained! We will discuss and test different reinforcers and teach fun and flashy tricks. Some tricks we will learn together:

  • Sit Pretty

  • Targeting

  • Leg Weaves

  • Wave

  • Spin!


Mondays, 6:30pm MST

November 27th - December 11th

*This class will be a great intro to training for most cats, but is not ideal for very fearful cats who are not currently happily interacting with at least one person.

Price includes tax. No refunds, all sales final.

More cat classes to come! Email me with any specific requests!

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