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Feline Behavior

Cat Training and Behavior Modification

I know what you're thinking, "Cat training? Really?! Can cats even be trained?" Absolutely, and not only can they be trained, there are certain behaviors that we can teach to improve their quality of life, and environmental changes we can make to help them feel safe and secure. Cats, like dogs, thrive with more mental stimulation and an appropriate, species specific environment. Cats also suffer from fear, anxiety, and aggression issues that can be modified with a force-free approach.

Behavior Consultation

A behavior consultation is the first step of the training process. During a behavior consultation, we will go through a thorough history of your pet and the issues at hand. We will talk also set up ways to manage the situation, discuss environmental changes and additions, discuss mental and physical enrichment, and discuss training options. We may also begin some training, but the consultation is mostly a discussion rather than a training session. A consultation is mandatory prior to any training sessions, including sets and bundles.​ After the consultation, you will receive notes, handouts, and training recommendations (including how many sessions I recommend if you want to continue working with me).

90 minute consultations are $180. 

To set up a remote consultation, please click here. 

Travel fee will apply outside of service area.


Training and Behavior Modification 
House-soiling, fears and phobias, carrier/travel training, fighting/aggression with housemates (cats or dogs), integrating a new dog/cat, manners, tricks, kitten socialization, and more. 

In-home training

  • Day Training 

    • Have a professional train your cat even if you're at work. I'll do the heavy lifting, then show you how to continue the training and maintain the behavior(s).

  • Coaching

    • Some behavior issues may require a bit more management and practice on your end, but don't despair! I'll give you the tools, support, and guidance you need to succeed. 


Remote training

Do you require training but can't find a qualified, force-free trainer near you? I can help you remotely via Zoom. From basic training to stranger aggression, to tricks, distance is no obstacle. We can train your cat together. In fact, some cats will do better with virtual training so they can feel completely comfortable during their sessions without having a stranger in their home.

$110 for post consult training sessions  

Travel fee will apply outside of service area.

Kitten socialization - package coming soon!

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