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The most efficient way to go out of town!

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Who might benefit from a Stay and Train? 

Leaving our dogs at home with a pet-sitter can be nerve wracking, and for some dog owners, nearly impossible. For parents of fearful dogs, dogs prone to aggressive displays, or dogs difficult to walk on leash due to reactivity (barking/lunging/growling), it can be tough to find a pet-sitter who can handle these dogs and their needs. Now, those parents can go out of town knowing not only are their dogs in capable, qualified hands, but their dogs are also learning more appropriate behaviors, and building confidence.


Dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments, and training history may benefit from a Stay and Train, and so will their guardians. 

  • Puppies and newly adopted dogs (take a break from house-training!)

  • Dogs with stranger aggression* 

  • Reactive dogs, or dogs with dog aggression*

  • Fearful/anxious dogs*

  • Dogs who need a basic training tune up

  • Dogs who need more advanced training (how about a prolonged down/stay for patios?)

  • Dogs who could use better leash manners

  • Dogs who are uncomfortable with nail care, or vet visits

  • Any dog! There's always something new your dog can learn. 

*Although aggressive, reactive, or fearful dogs cannot be "fixed" in a week, training will give your dog a foundation and alternative behaviors, and can help build confidence. I will also manage your dog's behavior issues to keep them safe and as stress-free as possible while you're away.

What can you expect from a Stay and Train? 

During your dog's Stay and Train experience, you can rest easy knowing I'll not only stay overnight at your house, but will spend 1-3 hours a day formally training your dog, and will provide daily mental and physical exercise in the form of walks, food toys, and dog park trips if appropriate. Because every moment is a training opportunity, your dog will be getting training all throughout the day on top of the formal sessions.

Each day, 10am - 3pm will be available to my other clients. Aside from those work hours, and possible errands, the rest of the day is dedicated to your dog.

Can you hire me just for pet-sitting?

No, I do not offer regular pet-sitting. This service is for pet parents who would like their dog to learn new things while they're away.


Fees and Regulations

  • $200 per night - includes nightly sitting plus daily training

  • $200 flat fee - covers the 90 minute consultation before you leave, as well as a 1 hour transfer session when you return

The transfer session is crucial, as you need to know how to maintain any new behaviors learned during their experience with me.

Any number of follow-up transfer sessions may be booked after for the regular session price of $95/hour. 

Pricing example: For a 4 night Stay and Train for 1 dog, you'll pay $800 plus tax for the nightly/training fee, plus $200 for the consult and the transfer session for a total of $1,000 plus tax. This also includes videos, pictures, updates, and homework after you return. 

Multiple dogs:

There is no extra pet-sitting charge for multiple dogs in the house. However, there is a charge for each dog requiring training:

2nd dog: +$50 a night

3rd dog: +$25 a night

4th dog and up: +$15 a night each

You can book a Stay and Train from between 2 and 7 nights. Naturally, the success of the training depends on how long I stay with your dog. During the consultation, we will discuss what behaviors you would like, and which/how many of those behaviors your dog can reasonably learn in the amount of time you're gone. 

I may ask you to invest in humane equipment if appropriate. If you're booking a Stay and Train for leash manners, I may ask you to purchase a front clip harness or head harness. In addition, I may request you meet with your vet for a medication consultation for dogs with fear, anxiety, or aggression. 

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