New Services!

Now introducing dog walking and pet sitting! We are pleased to announce the addition of dog walks and overnight care by a trusted new employee trained in walking and caring for fearful dogs, dogs with bite histories, leash reactive dogs and everything from brand new puppies to wild adolescents. 

Prices listed do not include processing fees and tax.


Dog Walking

Leashed walks around your neighborhood or close by. Schedule a meet and greet to get started.

  • 30 minutes - $30

  • 45 minutes - $40

  • Multi-walk packages available

    +$10 for dogs with serious aggression issues towards dogs and humans.​

Harnesses, collars, tags, leashes, and appropriate walking treats must be provided. 

Walking equipment: We will not use shock/prong/choke collars, or slip leads. We recommend Freedom and Balance Harnesses for no-pull options. We prefer Puppia or similar for puppies or small dogs. For extreme pullers, we recommend Halti Opti-Fit head harnesses with prior training. 

Social drop-ins

30 minute social visits for dogs who may not enjoy or be able to go for walks. Social visits are a great time for snuggles, potty breaks, playtime, midday medications, puppy socialization. Schedule a meet and greet to get set up for social visits. 

  • $25 per visit


Pet Sitting

Overnight care in your home for your dogs and cats. Price includes 24/7 care; overnight stay, daytime walk, feeding, medication. Request a stay to get started. Not all requests can be granted.

  • $90 per night base. 

    • +$20 per additional pet

    • Extra fees may apply

A Meet and Greet will be required before any pet sitting is confirmed. For some dogs, we may require additional walks or meet and greets before we can confirm. We want our sitter and your pets to be as comfortable with each other as possible. After reviewing your dates, we will either decline if we are not available, or we will ask you to schedule a meet and greet if the dates work for us. We will usually be able to confirm or decline your pet setting within 24-48 hours after your Meet and Greet. 

Meet Our Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Hello! I’m Jillian, an animal-lover, adventurer, and artist, all in one! Like all the other good tumbleweeds that end up out here, I’ve come a great distance, enjoying the ride from Chicago through San Francisco, Palm Beach, and Los Angeles, all the way to lovely Santa Fe. I earned my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago along the road and now spend my free time crafting and drawing wacky creatures, or exploring the natural wonders around me to find inspiration. I love being in the great outdoors and find that even when I’m inside I surround myself with my appreciation for the natural world. You can usually find me cozied up with a mug of tea and a good book, and most of the books on my shelves end up being nature related; with anything from the science of jellyfish and the art of growing a backbone, to a brief compendium of mushroom lore, to diy cabin building. I play guitar, speak German, crochet, and enjoy a good piece of cheese. Most importantly though, I love spending time with furry friends! Having grown up in a house where I could never have anything but hairless animals due to my dad’s allergies, I got to know every other type of crazy and amazing pet out there. I have experience with a wide variety of animals, including fish, axolotls, frogs, geckos, tortoises, hedgehogs, parakeets, and hamsters, and even volunteered at a sea turtle rehabilitation center. Not being able to have a dog or cat at home certainly didn’t stop me from seeking them out, however, and I’ve got some wonderful years of dog walking and sitting under my belt now. I’m honored to be the newest addition of a Matter for Manners now and am so excited to meet you and your furry friends!